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February 01, 2018

Many people will tell you to what to wear and what to avoid considering your body shape, weight and skin color. But we, the designers, and experts at Fashionisin forbid you to listen any of the ill advice from immature and small hearted people. Don’t let anyone define you and live your life to the fullest. All the colors in this universe are made for you, use them, wear them, and enter in the world of fashion in which you are the Queen.

Tee-shirts, dress shirts, or crop tops:

Every person has appointed him/her self on an invisible chair of fashion critic and feel themselves responsible to define dress code for you. Never ever listen to such people, feel confident and beautiful in your own skin, you are beautiful just as God have made you. You are charming, cute, and lovely, don’t allow anyone to define you, you are a brand in yourself.

Jeans, Leggings, or Shorts:

Debate on choice of jeans, leggings and shorts is unsettling and never ending. People give different arguments making your weight and body shape as the factor defining this choice. In the eyes of fashion expert, no one has a problem with any of this considering the mentioned factors. Choice must be made according to the shirt selected. Just try to match out a pair and voila, you are ready to go.

Say “NO” to Stereotypes:

We live in a stereotypical world separating people in cast, creed, locality, and language. No doubt every person possesses some cultural background and history, but expecting a set patterned behavior from fixed people is annoying, frustrating and lack of common sense. Every person is different from other, everyone exhibits their own traits, everyone values some different perception, don’t try to reshape a woman or a man in your mold. Love your life and live it to the fullest. Say “NO” to stereotypes and keep shopping on “Fashionisin"