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January 18, 2018

Some people like to wear factory clothes, and some want designer dresses. Now it is a huge debate of what to chose and which is better than the other. They are quite different from each other in quality, pricing, style, availability and on many other factors. It is necessary to review key points before choosing one. Everyone wants to look fashionable, right? So, do some research before trying out clothes. Following are some major and key differences which will help you chose one of them:

Huge difference in Quality:

New clothes could look like same quality, but reality prevails once you buy that dress and wear it for a function. No doubt factory clothes are also quite pretty but quality difference between factory ones and designer or branded dresses is just too much to ignore. Tops and leggings from factory will look old once you wash them and their grace vanishes, but branded clothes quality is normally high. Detergent would not affect them as much.

Latest fashion designing:

Factory clothes are made in bulks. Thousands of jeans of same designs, all leather jackets of one pattern and all shoes from a same stuff. It is quite possible that you cross a woman with same shirt in bazar and lose your uniqueness. To ensure exclusivity, you must go for designer clothes. They are of new and latest designs and normally very unique from other clothing lines.

Difference in clothing prices:

Now our discussion has come to the price part. Factory clothes are very cheap and easily available from many stores. Designer and branded clothes are really very expensive but, all valuable things are expensive and what’s more valuable than your own personality. So, don’t let this factor lay down your enthusiasm for designer clothes. To facilitate our loyal customers, Fashionisin is providing up to 50% sale, so don’t wait and start shopping now.