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February 13, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day 2018:

Love is not something to hide and show shyness about. It is a thing that make you feel like royals and reshape your whole life. Now, we don’t know that love at first sight exist or not, but it is very rare chance of not falling in love in your entire life. Even if you are not the romantic type, but we bet that you are will be certainly feeling romantic vibes from the start of this month i.e. February. On this special occasion, we have an important advice to give. Please don’t miss this out in Valentine’s day 2018.

Spread & Share Love to Everyone:

Love is vast emotion, a phenomenon that spread and touch everyone. We strongly suggest that don’t limit your valentine to just your lover, your father, mother, teachers, friends, siblings, and the homeless living beside the street is capable of loving. Try to spread love by giving out chocolates or a rose to all your loved one’s and let them know how much you care about them. The more you give, the more happier you will be. Never ever hurt someone intentionally and if you had done so, this is the perfect day for making it up.

Fashionisin Supports Lover’s Community:

Fashionisin is a collaboration of many designers who support love, so we decided to give you “10% discount” on all of our stock. Great, right? We want to be a par of your valentine and spread love like you guys. We believe that love has power, but you lovers have the will and ability to make wonders happen. Look beautiful and perfect this Valentine and don’t forget us in his beautiful day. You can send your love via social medias mentioned.

Happy Valentine’s Day Fashionistas, Stay happy, excited, loved, and perfect.